I have been gone for a few days working on another project.
I've been working to create a website Re: Natchez News.
I picked up a future event, a light show, and posted it
on the site. It was one of 16 postings. It got 40+ hits
in just a few hours. All of the others got no hits a
couple 1 hit. WOW what's going on here? I soon discovered
the event was posted somewhere on Facebook and all of the hits were from that link.
Now I HATE Facebook but whatcha gonna do?
So I joined FB found a group that related
directly to my project, joined and post/link
3 of my postings. In less that 2 days they
got over a thousand "likes" and more than
a hundred "boosts".
Then some poor soul posted a comment that IMPLIED he doubted
"man made climate change" I replyed my agreement.
Within an hour  my post disappeared along with comments likes etc.
Since then my posts appear WITHOUT the bottom panel where you click to like, comment, or boost.
Fascists, Commies, LEFTISTS